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As a young girl, I was inspired by my mother sewing dresses. My parents were not endowed with riches and we could not afford to buy many clothes, so my mother sewed most of our clothing. I thought if I can just make my own clothes it would be a big help! I was so curious that I started to cut out some old clothes to make myself a blouse. Unfortunately, my first project did not come close to even fitting me. I was a little frustrated and challenged, that I promised myself to learn more and improve my skills. I was constantly creating and sewing new dresses until one day I was able to make one that fit me just right.

When I came to the U.S., I formalized and solidified my education in sewing, by attending classes at a local college. I delighted in the fact that no matter what the latest styles or trends were in women’s fashion, I didn’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to own the dress of my dreams….I made it!

My floral interests piqued after attending a friends wedding one day. I was amazed and in awe by the intricate, yet aesthetically beautiful floral arrangements displayed at that wedding. I began thinking to myself, “You can do that too!” Like my early years in sewing, I again began experimenting with floral designs of my own, but didn’t quite have that personal touch that turned flowers into grand floral arrangements. I had to develop my skills, and so I enrolled myself at one of the northwest’s premiere floral schools at the time. Even before graduating from floral school, I began offering my services to friends, relatives, and whoever was interested in giving me the opportunity to do their flowers. My first true test of floral aesthetics came after hearing of my friend who was getting married. I informed her that I can also sew her bridesmaid dresses as well as create her floral arrangements. She agreed, I created, she loved it…and the rest is history!!!

If you have that special event or occasion that needs a personalized and unique touch, then give us the opportunity to make your event one to remember. I will be there to help create it with you…


Flory Landon




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